Looney Manuscript History

The Looney Family Manuscript, titled “Early Looney in America, ca 1963, by Leroy W Tilton”, was compiled and written by Mr. Leroy W. Tilton.  Mr. Tilton’s wife was a descendant of Robert and Elizabeth Looney down through their son, Absalom 2 Looney.  These Looney Family Manuscripts  reflect the accumulation of 50 plus years of research, documentation, analysis and collaboration on the part of Mr. Tilton with many other Looney and Allied Family Researchers from all across America. While this manuscript is known to contain a few errors, it is the single most widely used document to be relied upon by present day Looney Family Researchers and Genealogists in America for figuring out their family tree.

The writing of this manuscript was accomplished by Mr. Leroy W Tilton, who had his hand written pages typed up into the manuscript format by Miss Mary Elizabeth Looney, a legal secretary who lived and worked in Washington, D.C.  Around 1963 when Mr. Tilton was getting up in age and his eyesight failing, he gave all of his research materials and the manuscripts to Miss Mary Elizabeth Looney.  The Looney family research didn’t end there in 1963 because Miss Looney was a family historian in her own right.  She had worked with Mr. Tilton and others in the past and she continued to do her research to the end.  By the time Miss Looney passed away in 2001 she too had put in some 50 plus years into researching and documenting the Looney family.  When Miss Looney passed away in 2001 she in turn passed on all of the research files and manuscripts which she had acquired from Mr. Tilton, in addition to her own research files, to another long time Looney family researcher, myself = Larry W Johnson. 

Prior to the manuscripts being posted to the internet, it was noted during open e-mail discussions of the Looney Family Discussion Group, i.e., "THE LOONEY BIN", it was apparent that some individuals, and some Libraries, were in possession of specific individual parts of Tilton's Manuscript, but it seemed that no one was in possession of a complete set of the eight part manuscripts. This was due in part because individuals tend to research their own branches of the family often ignoring the other branches. The lack of anyone possessing a complete copy of the manuscripts was also due to the effort and expense that was involved at the time for Miss. Looney in trying to provide anyone with a complete hard copy of a manuscript set of this size.

In the late 1990s a group of Looney family researchers, who referred to themselves as the Tilton Transcription Group (TTG) (led by myself, Mr. Johnson) coordinated with and obtained permission from Miss Looney and from Mr. Tilton’s daughters, the rights to transcribe this Manuscript into computer based digital format and to display these transcribed manuscript files on the Internet.  Through those transcription actions the TTG made the manuscripts available to future Looney and Allied Family Researchers and Genealogists.  Future researchers could then use these transcribed manuscripts to further their owe research of the Looney family.  Mr. Tilton had expressed his acknowledgement and gratitude (within the Manuscript) to those who had helped him in collecting, analyzing, and documenting his works.  Mr. Tilton also expressed the desire that these manuscripts be shared with future generations.  We are forever grateful to Mr. Tilton and the others for this manuscript.

Having inherited ownership and the copyright for the research files of Miss Looney, along with the files and manuscripts of Mr. Tilton, I ultimately uncovered the fact that I am now in possession of all the “original” Looney Family Manuscripts which are titled, “Early Looney in America, ca 1963, by Leroy W Tilton”.  I have now scanned the individual pages from the original eight part manuscripts into single page Adobe PDF files. 

Copyright 2016, Larry W Johnson, all rights reserved. 

While retaining all rights under my inherited copyright ownership of this eight part manuscript, it is my desire to share these files freely with individuals and organizations for the purpose of personal use and for furthering additional Looney and allied family research.  Individuals and organizations may copy and distribute these digital files and print out paper copies of these files for their own personal use, but no one and no organization may use or distribute these files for the purpose of generating a profit.

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