Early Looney in America

by Leroy W. Tilton

Ca. 1963

Read First:  History of these Manuscripts


Note:  A name index was accomplished for several of the parts in conjunction with a transcription of the original manuscripts.  Page numbers for the index refers to the page number in the original manuscript document, not necessarily the page in the PDF document.


Coming soon:  One continuous transcription of the eight part manuscript that you can read here on the Looney One-Name Study website, or download it to your PC for your own personal use.

Better still, I am in the process of creating Adobe PDF Documents from the “original” eight part Looney Family Manuscript.  Links to the individual parts are contained below.  These are scanned images of the original documents, not transcriptions.


Scanned Images of the original Eight Part Looney Family Manuscripts

Note:  These files are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format

(Forward & Introduction)

(Part 1) Robert and Elizabeth Looney Family
First Generation in America

(Part 2) Robert Looney, Jr., Branch

(Part 3) Adam Looney Branch

(Part 4) Absalom Looney Branch

(Part 5) John Looney Branch

(Part 6) Peter Looney Branch

(Part 7) David Looney Branch

(Part 8) Joseph Looney Branch

And last, if you would like to see the transcriptions that were accomplished by the TTG back in the late 1990s here is a link that will take you there.  Be aware:  This link takes you to an archived web site and away from the Looney One-Name Study.  You may want to book mark the Looney One-Name Study web site before you leave.


Here is the link:  TTG Transcription of Early Looney in America


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